Chris Barber
Senior Project Director / Blockchain Lead

Chris is a Project Manager and Blockchain Consultant, with over 10 years’ experience delivering large scale projects from Petrochemicals to software and platform development and bringing complex, multi-stakeholder projects to successful conclusion. Because of a background in Computer Science and deep interest in emerging technologies Chris has specialized in Blockchain projects and focused on ensuring that organizations successfully develop their solutions by providing business support, tech leadership and programming solidity smart contracts.

Luke Stewart
Game Designer

Luke Stewart is a game designer, front-end developer and visual effects producer who delivers key messaging through engaging stories and experiences. He believes that creating compelling visual content is not only the best way to boil-down complex information, but actually engages audiences at a gut level, giving his clients an enormous edge over the competition. Luke has also managed high-end productions in the defense industry, contributing to billions of dollars in contract wins. Luke is also a screenwriter and filmmaker, winning the 2014 TusCon Film Fest - Best Fantasy Short Film, “The Apothecary”. Luke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia from The University of Advancing Technology where he graduated with honors. The Arena is his first commercial game.

Damon Pridgen
Unity 3D Developer

Game developer specializing in environment/level design, sound design, game play design and interface design. Previous project most proud of: Steel Grit

Ian Favreau
Virtual Environmental Engineer

Ian’s ambition is to create an atmosphere for games and bring a sense of immersion to the player that enables them to be transferred into a different world; to relish in the details and explore unfamiliar lands. This, in two words, is Environment Art. Ian also aims to bring games to life via environmental artwork as well as pursue his own creative gaming endeavors, one of which is through his Student Innovation Project wherein he will take the concept of dual imagery to the 3D realm, innovating on the surrealist painter Salvador Dali’s technique.

Vladimir Chernyshev
Full-Stack Web Engineer

Vladimir is an end-to-end product developer. He is a full-stack web engineer who is fiercely passionate about the user experience and interaction of a product. He inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organization can have, and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience.

Wendy Turner
Marketing Designer / Director

Wendy is a Marketing Designer who enjoys experimenting with mixed media, Photography, and Music/Film/Technology related branding and marketing. With a BA in Fine Arts and a major in Media Arts and Animation, Wendy prides herself on finding new and inventive ways to effectively market Gaming and Technology projects.

Richel Coca
Playtester Recruiter and Manager

As the Playtester recruiter and manager, Richel's high energy and enthusiasm are appreciated by all who meet her. Richel's diverse background and social connections make her a natural fit for the team.

Richel is a certified medicine technician and speaks multiple languages. Formerly matriculating a Bachelor of Science in Education, she plans to switch to Political Science with a focus in International Relations. Richel's hobbies include watching anime, cooking and reading fiction.

Den Coca
Game Play Tester