Launched in 2017, BlockStudio Gaming brings together decades of gaming talent with almost 5 years of blockchain development and innovation.  All of our projects are crypto-centric.  We have leveraged the talents of our BlockStudio team who successfully launched real estate, wallet and ERC-20 tokens to revolutionize the future of game play with PVP.  PVP is our newest ERC-20 token and is built by players, for players.


Our first project is The Arena.  This first person shooter incorporates fast action gameplay with PVP as the central currency.  Now, you can get PAID to play!  As you hone your skills and upgrade your character, earn valuable PVP as a reward!

PVP is already fully integrated into our own proprietary ERC-20 compatible wallet and will be listed on the first exchange in 2018.  We will be introducing smartdrops, bounties and other incentives in the coming months, so make sure you register now at for updates and opportunities.