BlockStudio Gaming is excited to announce our first crypto-game: The Arena.

We’ve spent the past 10 months developing, testing and innovating in order to bring gamers across the globe something truly revolutionary…and we’re thrilled to offer the alpha version for live game play.

We’ll even throw in some free PVP for getting in early so you can test your prowess against a few close friends, or maybe a monster or two?

Click the banner below to play now!


Join players from across the globe in first person shooter battles of skill and prowess.  Stake your PVP tokens on the match and you may just leave with more than you started with.Our ERC-20 token, PVP, underpins the economy of everything in The Arena.

Imagine a world where your assets (weapons, armor, levels and even kills) all belong to you. It’s no longer a fantasy: The Arena​ makes all of this possible… Stop wasting valuable time and money on game playing and leveling without true rewards.

In The Arena, when you own a weapon in-game, you truly OWN that weapon.  Each item in your inventory is an actual blockchain asset, backed by PVP tokens.

Want to sell a weapon? no problem.
Want to trade a weapon with another player? no problem.
Want to stake PVP in a death match? no problem.
Want to take your weapon to another game on our platform?? NO PROBLEM.

Find out more and register to receive free PVP so you can test your own skills in The Arena.  We’ll be looking for you on the battlefield…